Are u a ginger?!

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There are blondes brunettes... but the most scary?! GINGERS! As they stalk their suspects wanting their soul! You could be next! Watch your back and beware!

Has your soul been taking bye a ginger?! Has a ginger been following you?! Well you can find out now! Find out if you and your friends are gingers! =]

Created by: Lionblaze223

  1. U c a hot guy/girl do you feel the urge to go and steal their soul?
  2. Fav color
  3. Fav food
  4. *u c a ginger walk up to a brunette* would you..
  5. Fav thing
  6. Do u watch gingers on tv And think they hot?!
  7. Wat would ur smiley face b
  8. Ran out of questions
  9. Do u have a ginger friend
  10. Byez u cant hav my soul check out more lionblaze223 quizzes

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