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  • Are people Talking about you

    Your Result: People Talk about you all the time


    You picked mostly A's. Therefore you need to fix something. Weather it be you attitude, outfit, shoes, smell, grades, friends. Something is wrong with you causing them to talk about you

    63% People dont talk about you that much or at all

    It says that people talk about me because of the wrong reasons but, that is not the cause and I won't go on because it will sound like I am bragging but I'll a short version.

    I get talked about because...
    I am teacher's pet.
    I am kind to others.

    I get called Cookie but, I don't mind and people in other classes call me it (and that just doesn't happen.)

    I am known to get a bit loca (loca means crazy in Spanish).

    Thanks for reading.

  • This is such a biased quiz.

    1 Twilight Fan
  • What??? I chose not really, and now, wow! That some interesting quiz!


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