Are people Talking about you

this quiz is to help you. to see if people are talking about you, Stay calm and dont just assume you are perfect cause everyone has haters no one is perfect. If you answer 99.9% of these questions yes then you may consider either talkinh and am i getting bullied quiz or talking to a conculor.


Created by: Peaches

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  1. Do people glance at you, then turn to their friend
  2. Do people talk behind you then cover their mouths and become completly silent when you turn around
  3. Do you hear people say your name then groan or laugh
  4. Do people tend to walk past you in the hall and move out the way as if you are diseased saying"EWWWWW" or "GROSS"
  5. DO you talk about people
  6. Are you mean to people for no reason
  7. do your friends warn you to stay away from cetian people who have reps
  8. do you often do things to get people upset
  9. when you do a class presentation do people laugh and giggle and be extremly rude
  10. Do YOU think people are talking about you

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