Are people attracted to you?

Some people appear to be more attracting than others. They have lots of friends and few enemies. They are popular, nice, and seem to be perfect. They are people- attractive.

Are you attractive to other people? Do you get adored by your peers? This quiz will prove to you if you are attracting to others or need some help in the fast- flowing river called society!

Created by: Kenz
  1. Do people ever comliment your clothes, hair, smile, or other physical features about you?
  2. Do people smile at you, even if you don't know them?
  3. Has a random stranger ever came and sat down next to you and started a conversation?
  4. Have you ever been complimented on winning something or being recognized for something?
  5. What stereotype do you fit into?
  6. How outgoing are you?
  7. What do you like to talk about?
  8. Have you ever thrown a party?
  9. Do you sing/ dance in public for fun?
  10. Do you think people are attracted to you?

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