Are my friends true friends

Now that you have taken the quiz I hope that you have found out if you have true friends and I hope you do, I hope that you were happy with your result.

You are now finished the quiz and in just a few moments you will get your score and I hope that you do have true friends and hope that you are happy with your score.

Created by: Maddison

  1. Are your friends nice or mean
  2. When you tell your secrets do your friends keep it or tell everyone
  3. Do your friends believe you when you tell them something
  4. Do your friends make you feel like you don't want you to be there friend
  5. Do your friends call you names even though you have told them to stop they keep on doing it
  6. Do your friends call you weird because your different
  7. Do your friends sometimes exclude you out of a circle or game
  8. Do you ever fight (argue) with your friends
  9. Do you ever wish that you had better friends
  10. Do you have many friends

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