are you 2 good friends

there are different categories of bffs some are true friends others not so much do you know every last detail about your friends will you be friends for the rest of your life find out in this quiz here

in this quiz you will be put to the test to see if your the best bffs you can be and if you are not you can figure out what you need to work on if you are curious find out now.

Created by: destinyrose
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  1. do you know her adress number and email
  2. do you tell her all your secrets does she tell you hers
  3. you go to an ice creaam shop but your friend is late what do you do
  4. your friend broke a promise you......
  5. your friend is dating your crush and she knew you liked him but he asked her you.......
  6. someone told you that your bff said she hates you and she never wanted to be your friend and that she is gonna break you you say
  7. you are single your friend sets you up on a blind date with a cute guy you tell her......
  8. your in p.e your friend is not that good at volley ball she shrieks everytime she see's the volleyball then she tries to hit it but it hit the net you say to her....
  9. you hurt your friends feelings you...
  10. everybody is teasing your friend she is hurt you....
  11. what result do you think you will get

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Quiz topic: Am I 2 good friends