Are boyz attracted to you?

Everyday we girls keeping wondering about odd behaviors of boyz towards us. It could be stares or smiles but they are sure to disturb us until we are sure of the reason. This test will help you know if it is all happebning due to a reason or that youve got something so strong in you that keeps driving men into you.

Are you the one whom all girls are jealous of and all boys are attracted to? Or is it just that you are weird that boys are so odd arround you? Thanks to this quiz, you are going to find all the answers in a while.

Created by: asha
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  1. do you feel you are good looking?
  2. do you feel uncomfortable coz of frequent stares from males?
  3. when you say a joke, have you felt exess roars of laughter from the boys side?
  4. how will you describe your boobs?
  5. do you feel that your girl friends are jealoys of you because you get more male attraction?
  6. are you shy?
  7. when boyz talk to you do their lips curl on a sort of smile? [not teasingly]
  8. Do you feel some boyz are scared to talk to you?
  9. have you seen boyz look at you and when you look at them they look away?
  10. do boyz keep finding reasons to talk to you?
  11. have you felt girls trying to ignore you when they are with boyz?
  12. do you think the most popular guy at school has a crush on you?
  13. do boyz not consider you as a friend?
  14. do they talk a lot with their friends who are girls when near you?
  15. have you felt boyz stare at your boobs?

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