Arabella Fact Quiz

Everyone thinks that their baby is the most important and fascinating child ever born. While everyone may think this, I'm sure it's true about Arabella! Everyone who talks to us from time to time shouldn't have too hard of a time answering these questions!

Proove me right (or wrong)! Take the quiz to see how much you know about Arabella...if you don't do as well as you would like to, give me a call, we can go over your results...shoot, I'll even be happy to tutor you!

Created by: Kate
  1. True/False: Eric and I both thought Arabella was going to be a girl.
  2. How much did the doctor think she would weigh when she was born?
  3. Was Arabella born on her original due date?
  4. How much did Arabella weigh when she was born?
  5. What time of day was Arabella born?
  6. If Arabella had been a boy her name would have been:
  7. When did Arabella start sleeping through the night?
  8. When did Arabella roll over from her stomach to her back the first time?
  9. What does Arabella like to do to play with people she meets?
  10. Who does Arabella look like?
  11. (August 4, 2007) Arabella is currently trying to:
  12. True/False: Arabella like to watch TV.
  13. True/False: Arabella has never gotten that typical baby bald spot
  14. Speak of hair, what funny place does Arabella have a lot of hair?
  15. What is Arabella's favorite way to get clean?

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