Apocalypto - how much do you know

This quiz is for fans of the Mel Gibson film Apocalypto. There are many people out there that believe they are fans of the film, yet they don't know everything about it. This test was created for fun by the fans at the Apocalypto fansite.

This test is to sort the Holcanes from the villagers. To see who really has been watching closely and who has been distracted by the handsome men. Are you a real fan of Apocalypto? Only by taking this test, will you know.

Created by: Aithne
  1. What is the name of the main character in Apocalypto?
  2. Who was the leader of the Holcanes?
  3. What is the name of Jaguar Paw and Seven's eldest son?
  4. Who is mocked by their friends for being childless?
  5. Flint Sky plays a prank on Blunted - what does he give him?
  6. Which of the Holcanes is bitten by a snake?
  7. Which Holcane refuses to jump from the waterfall, suggesting they climb down instead?
  8. When they get to the city, one of Jaguar Paw's friends is sacrificed. Which one?
  9. Before being led to the pyramid for sacrifice, what color are the men covered in?
  10. At the beginning of the film, the hero and his friends are hunting. What animal are they hunting?
  11. One of the Holcanes gives Jaguar Paw the name "Almost". Whoch Holcane was it?
  12. The sacrifice of Jaguar Paw is interrupted by what?
  13. Apocalypto was directed by who?
  14. Which of Jaguar Paw's friends is tossed off the cliff by Middle Eye?
  15. On the way to the city, one of the captives removes his necklace and prays for his deceased friends and family. Who?
  16. What is the name of Blunted's wife?
  17. Who is stuck in the cenote with Turtles Run?
  18. What does Seven use to mend the cuts on Turtles Run's leg?
  19. Jaguar Paw is chased onto the beach by two Holcanes. What does he discover there?
  20. While stuck in the cenote, Seven gives birth to a baby. What sex is the baby?
  21. When the Holcanes raid his village, Jaguar Paw makes the mistake of giving away someone's identity. Who?
  22. While chasing after Jaguar Paw, which of the Holcanes runs into and is attacked by a jaguar?
  23. After jumping from the waterfall, which Holcane is killed by hitting his head on a rock?
  24. Who is the son of Zero Wolf?
  25. Who is the mysterious person Jaguar Paw and his friends meet in the jungle after the tapir hunt?
  26. Whose head apparel looks like a monkey?
  27. There are two Holcanes that are alive at the end of the film. Monkey Jaw and who else?
  28. Who is allergic to bees?
  29. Who is sold at the slave market?
  30. While journeying to the city, who tells of a prophecy?

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