Anyone wanna Harry Potter roleplay with me on Howrse?

I'm AquaMoon's Dream on Howrse. So, no matter the case, go ahead and message me! Wonderful, thanks! I don't bite..hard. So no reason to be shy..not at all!

Yeah, no reason. At. All. Coarse' not, that's crazy that there even would be. Why would you even thing SUCH a thing? Quite odd, actually. Whatever so message me. AquaMoon's Dream

Created by: Saratheamaze

  1. Will you roleplay both a boy and a girl? (So in total, we both would have 2 characters, 4 all together.)
  2. Will you respect that you can use *s to swear, if you're going to swear at all?
  3. Have you read the books / seen the movies? (no effect.)
  4. Will you roleplay PG-13 max?
  5. Are you even on Howrse? (Minimal effect XD)
  6. That's all!
  7. 12 question
  8. see ya later!
  9. Last question is next
  10. Haha I lied
  11. Sorry bout that

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