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Created by: KrazyGirl765

  1. Okay, first of all, Sonic Tails Lf!!! You are really nice and we has a lot in common!
  2. Next is derecho! You'e awesome and you're always the first one to take my quizzes!
  3. Now Horror Lives 2! I am gonna help you level up because you're funny and nice!
  4. Cinnamon_Roll! You're so nice and your quizzes are awesome!
  5. ItsBrycen! We haven't really talked, but you should stay the king of Paris!
  6. LouiseTheo! We haven't exactly talked, but your quizzes are great!
  7. I'm guessing you knew this would eventually come up. SONIC, BECAUSE HE IS AMAZING!
  8. Okay, I haven't exactly been on GTQ super long. But I HAVE met several people on here, so keep being awesome!
  9. When I joined I thought "Heck, because it's me I'm gonna be pathetic here" until I met people. SHOUT OUT TO EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!! YOU DA BEST!
  10. That's all, SEEYA! You're awesome!

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