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  • I was debating whether I should read this or not because it's getting late, and I already am following so many different stories, but I so made the right decision. I really like it! You make me want to read every series I've missed because I was afraid of overburdening myself in case there's gems like these. I do like the story line, and as soon as you mentioned Zeke, I pictured him in my mind. I can't even say the specifics because there weren't any, but it was more like a certain presence I can imagine him having. On that note, I love the names you've chosen, Blair being my favorite name :) Looking forward to your writing,

    Sincerely ,

  • This story was GREAT!!! That's how I believe the world will end instead of everyone saying a Zombie Apocalypse but I need to prepare for both now everyone be safe and try to stay alive :) btw part 14 and 15 are out.

    Beautiful Games
  • Great start! I'm really liking this story line! I definitely hope to see more from you and I'll go check out your other series! As is my catchphrase, I'll be looking!

  • Good, keep it up and i know you most defenately didn't ask for my asistance but 'fills' is spelt 'feels'. Oh god im sorry, uhm awesome quiz, we want more! We want more! We want MORE!

  • Dang,this is a great quiz!Please,make a second!And so on if it it's not too much trouble.....Thank you!


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