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  • My sprirtual animal is dog. I love dogs soo much. The results also said i instincts of a wolf and thats very true. I love hunting!!!!!!!!!!!

    fangs13 Jan 21 '15, 5:54PM
  • dog:p

    flutterwing Jan 20 '12, 5:19PM
  • hawk.awesome.

    sorentheowl Dec 1 '09, 7:38PM
  • A dog?I love dogs,but that isn't true about me.You should've put more.But,bark bark!Ha ha!

    Blackrosewolf Aug 23 '09, 10:46AM
  • animal spirit quiz
    Your Result: dog

    you are a dog,mans best friend,youre a pack hunter like your brothers(the wolf).you eat alot and you eat every kind of meat no matter if its rotting or rotted.

    tyrannosaurus rex

    Puppy xo1 Mar 19 '08, 7:58PM

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