Amie being silly!

There are several people out there that THINK they know me, but do they really. Could they really pass such a quiz as this. Well we are about to find out!

Do you think you area a genius of Aminess? Do you have the AMIENESS power to pass this wonderful silly quiz? Until now I could only wonder if people actually knew me, now I will know!

Created by: Amie

  1. Okay who was my best friends while growing up?
  2. Who did I have the biggest crush on from 2nd grade until well into high school?
  3. What school did I attend BEFORE BCHS?
  4. Who did I lose my virginty too?
  5. Growing up did I want to be a?
  6. What size shoe do I wear?
  7. Who cut my hair other than my mother for the first time?
  8. What age was I when I first fell in love?
  9. Am I a Ford person, Chevy Person, or a Dodge Person
  10. Who did I get in a figt with at Hiseville in 7th grade getting both of us suspended?
  11. I personally gave Susan London's father a nick name, what was it?

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