american race horses

There is many people who thank they know about horse racing will see about that.Ok this is a quiz about horse racing.This sport goes back a long time a go in england. its a fun game you should go sometime.

do you have the strength to do this. if you do take the quiz. but i tell you know you will get at least one question wrong.but good luck because you cant win. ha ha ha ha ha

Created by: james

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  1. what is the best horse in the united states of america
  2. what race track holds the kentucky dearby
  3. what track did bill shomaker start at
  4. what show does mike smith star on
  5. who rode on ferdinan
  6. who was the rider to have the longest carrer as riding
  7. who rode fly go
  8. who rode secretariat
  9. how many races did secretariat race
  10. who was a.p. indy by

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