American Eagle Outfitters

Everybody likes to shop! Oke, almost everybody... This is a quiz for boys and girls! American Eagle Outfitters is a clothing store, is this YOUR store! Find it out, fill in the questions!

Until now you could only wonder if Amercian Eagle Outfitters is a good store for you! But thanks to this quiz, you will find out, if American Eagle Outfitters is a good shop for you! Try it out!

Created by: Lissa

  1. When did the first American Eagle Outfitters shop open?
  2. What's the age category of the people they want to reach?
  3. They have 2 other brands, which ones?
  4. Where is the customer service of American Eagle Outfitters situated?
  5. When does a gift card expire?
  6. Where was the first store situated?
  7. There also is an American Eagle foundation. What does it stand for?
  8. Does the company still have plans for expansion? And if they have in which countries?
  9. How many American Eagle Outfitters stores are there in the world?
  10. How Many stores of AE are there in Russia?

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