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  • Your Result: You'll become almost immobile 77%

    You'll be classed as obese. Start saving now, because your health bill, plus food bill, is going to be phenomenal. Also, make sure if you're planning on moving to another house/apartment that the doorways are very wide and the kitchen is very close to the lounge room. You'll have at least 3 chins, a round, fat-filled face that only gets exercise by your constant chewing through your fat, sausage-shaped lips and equally fat cheeks that wobble every time you move your fattened face. You'll also be gaining a very large stomach, probably the size of an exercise ball, only with less roundness and more rolls. You're tempted by fast food too much to resist buying that fifth mega-triple-whopper Big Mac that Maccas will eventually serve. Becoming fat is an inevitability of life that everyone will eventually face in this fattening and lazy day and age. Soon the entire world will be fat, you'll just be slightly fatter than most of the other fat piggies out there. You fat cow.

    76% You'll

  • You'll be one of the fattest in the world, I’m actually fine with this result :), but it’s interesting to think about a world we’re getting fat is an inevitability. I’d love the chair idea for myself too, but I don’t think I’d like all other people on them too. I know I’m gaining fat already so maybe a future like this isn’t too far off :D

  • This quiz probably has the most effort put into any quiz that I've ever seen on this website. Such a shame that all that effort just led up to results that made me want to throw up out of disgust.

  • Starting to fatten up Im legit ripped what even is this quiz

    Dean Spoogelord
  • Jaja bueno, aqui voy!

  • 84% i'm gonna be a fat cow :) awsome


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