Am I actually awesome?

Are you ACTUALLY awesome? Maybe you have potential but aren't trying hard enough. If you're awesome you'll take this quiz and no matter what the outcome, you 'll still be awesome.

Do you have the guts to skydive? What's you're dream job? Are you magnificent or mediocre? (and yes, that's how you spell mediocre.)Take this amazingly awesomely awesome quiz to see!

Created by: Ninja
  1. Which word fits you best?
  2. What kind of people annoy you?
  3. Why are you taking this quiz? (no effect)
  4. Which one of these things sounds the most fun?
  5. Your favorite soda is...
  6. You've always wanted to be a...
  7. Are you a ninja?
  8. Fill in the blank. Skydiving is ________.
  9. Last question think fast!
  10. Never mind I was just kidding about the last question.

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