am i a fatty???

do u think u r fat? or do u think ur healthy? are ur friends putting u down by saying ur fat? stick it 2 them by talking the quiz. =] =] =] $_$ %_% ^-^ *_*

find out by taking the quiz if u can prove ur friends wrong. be healthy and happy see how u can change urself by looking at ur results. ^-^ &_& $_$

Created by: nadia

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. when you stand up can you see your toes?
  2. if you go to a shop and cant find your size do u
  3. how much do u weigh?
  4. are you sweating now?
  5. do u eat out or eat homemade meals?
  6. how many rolls of fat do u see when u sit down?
  7. when u walk does ur fat jiggle?
  8. what is hard work 4 u ?
  9. how do u test ur fat?
  10. do people ask u were 2 eat?

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