am i a fairy quiz

Some people LOVE fairys and want to know if their a fairy.Also trust me fairys are REAL.All the questions are all true fairy questions I kow that because well....I wish I could tell you but back to the quiz.Some people might be fairys.If you want to know if your a fairy take this quiz:)

Are you a fairy?Want to know?Well you will find out just take this test.Trust me this quiz is true.If you end up being a fairy just remember some fairys have powers and wings and some dont I know that because...I wish I could tell you but I cant.Good Luck:)

Created by: madison of go to quiz
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  1. It depends what is your gender
  2. how old are you
  3. Do you believe in magic
  4. whats your favorite color
  5. do you believe in fairys
  6. do you believe in fairys
  7. how old are you
  8. what is your gender
  9. what would you do if a witch aproched you
  10. do you think im a fairy
  11. do you want to become a fairy
  12. are you a fairy
  13. whats your favorite food
  14. what do you think fairy dust does
  15. which statment is true
  16. whats yours favorite holiday

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