Fairy Element Quiz

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In this quiz you'll answer questions to see what your fairy element is. I would rather take a test to see what "Mythical Creature" you are first. Or if your already a fairy you can see what you fairy element is.

"Are you a master on your fairy element? well find out in your an: Earth Fairy, Wind Fairy, Water Fairy, Fire Fairy or Winter Fairy." Find out now so that you have a SECRET that only your closest friends know!

Created by: Sarina
  1. What's your favorite colors?
  2. what would you rather?
  3. what kind of books do you read?
  4. what is your usual body temp. ?
  6. what power would you rather have?
  7. What happens when your mad?
  8. what happens when your happy?
  9. what kind of fairy pet would you like?
  10. where would you practice your element?

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