What type of Fairy are you?

There are many races of fairies out there, but there are the main 5 element fairies. Which fairy do you claim as? What race do you belong? You can find out in this quiz!

Sorry I haven't been making quizzes. I like hangin' in the GTQ forums more I guess. Anyways, enjoy this quiz and find your race! I hope you enjoy! Have fun!

Created by: Lightine306

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  1. What element do you like the best?
  2. What element do you dislike the most?
  3. Do you like animals?
  4. What color is like you?
  5. Do you spend time outdoors?
  6. What is your hairdo (for the most part)?
  7. Let's say you had your choice of design for your fairy wings. What would it be?
  8. Wing color?
  9. Eye color?
  10. Hair color (given a choice of dye)?
  11. Prefer Friends or Solo?
  12. Are you fast?
  13. What personal trait do you have (the most)?

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Quiz topic: What type of Fairy am I?