are you a fairy genios?

are you a fairy genous? find out with this short quiz! try as hard as you can. if you belive in fairies, then lets all see what you know about them! maybe next time it will be cats.

in this quiz, you will get questions like... where do fairies live? and Do you belive in Fairies? lets get started! remember, belive and love them. even make a fairy house!

Created by: Megan

  1. Where do fairies live?
  2. what are humans called where fairies live?
  3. What are some types of fairies?
  4. Are Fairies always Happy?
  5. can faries travel to the human world?
  6. can humans go to the fairy world?
  7. what happens when a fairies wings get wet?
  8. what happens when humans don't belive in fairies?
  9. Fairies are only girls?
  10. are fairies real?
  11. where do fairies sleep?
  12. how do fairies fly?

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Quiz topic: Am I a fairy genios?