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Food & nutrition are some of our most recurring conversations these days. We've survived as a species for 10,000 years, but we've suddenly become very confused about what (and how much) to eat. This quiz challenges how much you really know about your body, and the food you put into it.

Food is necessary to sustain ourselves, but do you really know what your body needs to be healthy, or do you simply eat anything put in front of you? Find out if you are what you eat.

Created by: Joe M
  1. What is the approximate percentage of corn in the average American diet (this includes sweeteners and corn-based additives)?
  2. John is a 200 lb professional athlete with a rigorous training schedule that includes weight-lifting and cardio. According to most medical literature (and not bodybuilding forums) what would be the MAXIMUM amount of grams of protein John should consume each day?
  3. The macro-nutrient ratio (carbs to fat to protein) of raw almonds is approximately?
  4. High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) has become a major health concern, as of late. Which of the following is NOT TRUE of fructose or HFCS?
  5. If you were stranded on a desert island with only one food supply for an entire year, your best bet for survival would be?
  6. Purely in terms of 'Biological Value' (the rate at which protein becomes readily available for synthesis) which of the following is the 'best protein'?
  7. The recommended MINIMUM daily intake of vegetables (as prescribed by the US government) for an average adult, aged 19-30 is?
  8. Margarine was once mandated by US legislation, to do which of the following (as it contains many artificial additives)?
  9. Which of the following labels on a carton of eggs will BEST ensure (although never completely) that your eggs were produced naturally AND humanely?
  10. BMR stands for Basal Metabolic Rate, and this accounts for 60-70% of your daily metabolic process. BMR is the 'standby' stuff-- circulation, cell production, and organ function. Hence, the BMR of severe burn victims can reach how many calories per day?
  11. TEF stands for Thermic Effect of Food-- it is the calories 'burned' by simply converting food into energy within the body. Hence, a 1,000 calorie steak (about 11.5 ounces) will actually provide the body with how many calories?
  12. Light jogging burns about 8 calories per minute. Conversely, sex burns about?
  13. In their mid-twenties, without exercise/ weight-training, men will begin to lose their muscle at a rate of what per year?
  14. Which of the following spreads has the HIGHEST caloric content?
  15. How many slices (assume a slice is 1 oz) of wheat bread do you need to eat to achieve your minimum recommended amount of of fiber (20 grams)?
  16. At current, what percent of Americans are obese (does not include 'overweight')?

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