All of you will get the same answer on this quiz!

Ok, i made this quiz to see if you are fooled by the quiz or the quiz fools you! I made this quiz for fun. Its full of ,like, riddles and stuff like that! Can you fool the quiz? I coudn't, yet i'm the creater! Try it out and see for yourself, whether you can fool this quiz or not! You should comment telling people of your result, so you know that you all got the same answer!

Oh yeah, i bet my life that everyone, and i mean everyone will get the same answer! Yes, this quiz proves that no matter what race, age, or how clever you are, we all have the same brain capacity. You may take it as much as you like, but you will still remain with the same answer everyone gets! How can i be so sure? I have set the answer effect in such a way that if you will have to change everything in a certain way to change the answers, which is highly unlikely but may be one or two may can! So take this quiz, and see for yourself, that you going to get the same answer as everyone else. Comment, telling about your answer and let everyone see that indeed we are all equal!

Created by: Newbie
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How dumb are you? (answer honestly, or lie, it really doesn't matter, you going to get the same answer!)
  2. Do you think you will be fooled by the quiz?
  3. Ok, the riddles are starting!
  4. A plane is travelling from USA to Canada. It carries 50 children, 100 men and 50 women. Later on, the plane crashes and everybody is missing. How many survivors are there?
  5. There are four(ty) cups. One breaks. How many are left?
  6. A man enters with a cow into a cattle show on Monday. He stays at the show for 2 days, then leaves on Monday. How is this possible?
  7. A man returns from the army, with a height of 5 feet. He claims that in the army, he shrunk for 1 year, then grew for 6 years, then shrunk for 2 years then grew for 5 years. How long was he in the army?
  8. What is hot when you are cold and cold when you are hot?
  9. Im the first born child of my aunty's cousin brother's step sister's mother. Do i have any brothers or sisters?
  10. Are you intelligent in maths? If you are, see if you can solve this equation: 2x-5y+2x(4-5)-7y+25=0
  11. Last question, do you think you fooled the quiz or the quiz fooled you?(no effect, don't worry!)

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