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  • You still haven't taken this down.

  • Wow I love how you just stole Kori's work !
    By the way , you must take it down .

    Just so you know ...your Account's link has been released and it's now on all the accounts ...

    The whole Quotev platform is after you my dear .

    • ijust love how everyone is so eager to cyberbully me. yes, that's what this is. instead of anyone being nice and calmly telling me or even just addressing the fact that i did this ( which i had no idea about) everyone has basically been rubbing it in my face without even knowing anything. so, yeah, i love how you all are so eager to protect someone whos work had been reused on a different site (read my quiz " would i date you" it explains everything in the comments section) yet you all are not against cyberbullying. no, im not playing the victim card, just simply stating facts. ive repeatedly apologized to kori, and if they dont believe what i say, thats on them. all i can do is apologize and try my best to get it off. if they want to hold a grudge, then by all means, they can, but theres no need to bring other people into this. i honestly had no idea, and i once again apologize

  • As one of the many followers of Kori, they are the ones who wrote this story. You are stealing someone else's idea as it is wrong. This story is to be taken down or the consequences will be massive. You have taken something from another person to use as you see fit. I am on of the many who are mad and will stand up for those who need it. I will not tolerate someone stealing someone's idea.

  • I HAVE A MAJOR BONE TO PICK WITH YOU. Ive been reading on quotev and koris story it all started with a coke is amazing. BUT THATS NOT THE POINT. there is evidence that you have been steeling her amazing work on the story but changing the names around. DO YOU KNOW HOW ILLEGAL THAT IS. BUT THATS NOT THE POINT EITHER! The point is that that is plagiarism and it needs to stop your setting a bad example for yourself and making your own image as a writer look very untrustworthy. You have been caught and I strongly

    Advise you admit to your wrongs and apologize to kori on quotev as she has created a fan base from her story and you came in and tried to steel it and call it as your own. It makes you seem very unprofessional even if you are writing for fun. This has to stop now before it gets too out of hand even if I have never heard or met kori before

    I feel like I should
    Tell you to stop

    Now and let kori write in peace without someone always steeling her work

    Thanks You,
    A kori fan on quotev, Jubbles
    P.S we know you

    Copied her because the story was in the process of being written in 2017 and you published the fake

    Copy in April 2019

  • This story is plagiarized from quotev. take it down. Taking another authors hard work is not ok

  • This story is plagiarized from a site called Quotev and I immediately want you to take this story down, or face the consequences. Plagiarism is not okay.

    • sorry, i havent been on in forever (maybe a month or so) so this is why i hadn't responded or anything. i tried taking it down, but it wouldnt let me. i can either credit you in the comments section of each of these, or i can keep trying to delete it, either way. ( if i credit you, i'll still stop putting these on here, you'll just get the credit you deserve. i explained everything on the other quiz you commented on, but i'd still like to apologize once again.)

  • Yay xD

    • I LOVE IT!!!