All About Dawn - Jeff's Wife

How well do you know your fellow HearthKeepers? Do you know where they live? What they do? Their children's names? Their middle names? Just middle names.

See how many questions you can answer correctly! Have you been paying attention? Do you need to start taking notes? Do you need to find a life outside HK? No cheating!!!

Created by: Melissa of Roy's Wife
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  1. What "guilt" has Dawn gotten over?
  2. What preschool curriculum did Dawn use with her girls?
  3. What weight losing program does Dawn use?
  4. What math curriculum does Dawn use?
  5. Where did Dawn meet her husband?
  6. Dawn and family are considering moving from California to what state?
  7. What has Dawn recently learned how to do?
  8. What was something Dawn would have changed about her wedding?
  9. What kind of church did Dawn and family recently resign from?
  10. What kind of makeup does Dawn use?

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