All About Adrienne!

This quiz is to test my friends and see if they really are as good of friends as they claim to be. Are you? Can you stand up to the rest? Do you think you know me?

Give it a try! What's the worst that can find out that you know absolutly nothing about me? That would be sad...but at least you can learn some cool things about me!!!

Created by: Adrienne Stauffer

  1. What is my middle name?
  2. Where was I born?
  3. How many siblings do I have?
  4. Where do I attend school?
  5. Where does my best friend live?
  6. What is my favorite color?
  7. What is my secret obsession?
  8. What would be my dream car?
  9. How many schools have I attended?
  10. What year did I graduate in?
  11. What year was I born in?
  12. How often do I trip on a normal day?
  13. Who is my favorite singer?
  14. When is my birthday?

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