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Hey! Welcome to the Age regression quiz! This is to help you decide what age you would most like to age regress to. It’s super fun and doesn’t take much time!

Have fun taking this quiz and share your results! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I liked making it! If you liked it, take some time to check out my work at [no urls]

Created by: Jack
  1. You wake up and get dressed, what do your clothes look like?
  2. Who dresses you?
  3. What are you wearing under those clothes?
  4. Now that you’re eating, what do you eat?
  5. Who’s feeding you?
  6. Where are you sitting?
  7. You get in the car, what are you sitting in?
  8. Where are you going?
  9. You turn the tv on, what show do you watch?
  10. You see a pile of toys, what do you play with?
  11. What will you drink out of?
  12. What do you suck on?
  13. You suddenly need to use the potty! Where do you go?
  14. You’re going to bed for the night, what are you wearing?
  15. What do you sleep in?

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