Advanced Algebra Quiz

There are many people in this world that suck at math. Your mom,dad,brother/sister and friends. This test will help you see who is the smartest of them all.

While taking this test please DO NOT USE THE FOLLOWING CALCULATOR PERSON INTERNET TEXTBOOK. Please do not cheat. This test is for you to see how well you do in Algebra.

Created by: lily damel

  1. What kind of lines will these make? y=1/2x-4 y=-2x
  2. Which of these methods are best to solve the following? 3x-4y=2 11x+4y=21
  3. If x=-2 then what is the answer to y=10x(1/2)
  4. 9x+ 10-6 is a
  5. 10 to the 0th power is equal to
  6. In y=3/4x + 9 .3/4 is the .
  7. In y=5/6x-4 .4 is the
  8. Which of the following is a quadratic?
  9. What is the square root of 225?
  10. If you substitute each letter of the alphabet for a number what does this mean? 89

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