Adult Clues for the Child Within Quiz

Training the educator to recognize and differentiate thought processing patterns of a young child versus an adult is key to giving instruction to a person who has anger management issues due to a failure to be able to trust. This author has developed an instruction plan that will provide the necessary background information that will enable the educator to successfully target a client's early experiences in life to the trust issues that are plaguing the client today.

Various indicators of the child, within the adult person, can be sorted and viewed within a conversation. When the adult person is speaking, the trained educator will hear phrases that will give the clue as to where a trust issue may have originated.

Created by: Diane Aloisi
  1. 1. "Mom was the disciplinarian." Young child's interpretation:
  2. "Wait until your father gets home and hears about this." Young child's interpretation:
  3. " I didn't make friends very easy." Young child's interpretation:
  4. "My sister and I have never been close." Young child's interpretation:
  5. "I knew better then to wake up my Mom (Dad)." Young child's interpretation:
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