How Childish You Are

There are many people that hate childish person.. Coz childish person can't control theirselves.. Sometimes they want to have the attention and sometimes they don't wat the attention.. Childish person are hard to understend.. They just want what they want..

Being childish is normal.. But if you are an adult you shouldn't be childish anymore.. It's unpleasant to see or even to hear an adult becoming a child.. You've been there.. It's enough.. You should enjoy your child life now, coz many adults want to go back to being child again coz they didn't anjoy it.. They want to enjoy it again so that there are people whosebeing childish now adays..

Created by: bhie
  1. Are you sleeping with a stuff animal??
  2. Watch Saturday morning cartoons??
  3. Are you afraid of tha dark??
  4. What's your favorite color??
  5. Are you a huggy person??
  6. Do you cry in stuid things??
  7. Do you use the "puppy eyes" on your parents??
  8. What do you prefer, slippers or sneakers??
  9. Are you attracted to shiny things??
  10. Do you think happy faces are cute??
  11. Use a life jacket when swimming??
  12. Do you watch mr. Bean and Spongebob square pants?
  13. Like doing crazy things esp. When bored??

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