About Me!!!!!!!

"There are many smart people, but few true geniuses. What is a genius? Well, someone who is very very smart. Are you a genius? Maybe, maybe not. If you're not, maybe someday.

ARe you a genius? I ask again. It's ok if you're not. Just keep working up to it. Try taking other quizzes, maybe more intersting ones. THis isn't 150 yet, but almost. SOrry that i'm sstalliing. and for the spelling.

Created by: Mariah
  1. What is my favorite animal?
  2. A word that BEST describes me:
  3. What do i like to do the most?
  4. What month was I born in?
  5. Are you my friend?
  6. where am i right now?
  7. What is my favorite book?
  8. What is my favorite movie?
  9. What is my favorite place to eat?
  10. what is my favorite electronic that i have right now??

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