The Human Body (Unit One)

There are many smart people but very few geniuses in this world. I think that you are a very smart and worthy person of being a doctor. Trust me, You WILL make it someday.

You are a genius, and a genius in yourself. Quiz yourself now and see how smart you truly are. You can do it... I know that you can. If people ever ever call you dumb, then show them your quiz.

Created by: Nathan Pelham

  1. What percent of the average human body is water?
  2. Does the Human Brain itself feel pain?
  3. What percent of the brain is water?
  4. True or False: Your brain requires 20 percent of the oxygen and calories your body needs — even though your brain only makes up two percent of your total body weight.
  5. Is your brain more active when you are asleep, or during the day
  6. How many watts of power does the human brain require to operate
  7. True or False: The smarter you are, the less you dream. A high I.Q. can not fight mental illness. Some people even believe they are dumber in their dreams than when they are awake.
  8. What does the brain do during puberty?
  9. What percent of the things that you see, hear, learn, experience ETC. does your brain have the capacity to store?
  10. True or False: Information in your brain travels at different speeds.

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