The Human Body (Unit Two)

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  1. We have almost 1,000 taste buds inside our mouths; even on the roofs of our mouths.
  2. Insects have the most highly developed sense of taste. They have taste organs on their feet, antennae, and mouthparts.
  3. Fish can taste with their fins and tail as well as their mouth.
  4. In general, boys have more tastebuds than girls.
  5. Taste is the weakest of the five senses.
  6. Most people blink every 10-15 seconds.
  7. A newborn baby sees the world upside down because it takes some time for the baby's brain to learn to turn the picture right-side up.
  8. One in every ten males is color blind.
  9. Each time you blink, you shut your eyes for 0.3 seconds, which means your eyes are closed at least 30 minutes a day just from blinking.
  10. If you only had one eye, everything would appear exactly the same as it does with two eyes.
  11. Humans have seven primary odors that help them determine objects.
  12. Humans use insect warning chemicals, called euphrates, to keep away pesky insects!
  13. People who cannot smell have a condition called Anosmia.?
  14. If your nose is at its best, you can tell the difference between 400-1,000 smells!
  15. As you get older, your sense of smell gets worse. Children are more likely to have better senses of smell than their parents or grandparents.
  16. You have more pain nerve endings than any other type.
  17. The least sensitive part of your body is the
  18. Shivering is a way your body has of trying to get colder.
  19. There are about 1,000 touch receptors in each of your fingertips.
  20. Rattlesnakes use their skin to feel the body heat of other animals.?
  21. Babies can not get earaches because of milk backing up in the Eustachian tube, which my help hearing problems later in life.
  22. When you go up to high elevations, the change in pressure causes your ears to pop off.
  23. Animals hear more sounds than humans.
  24. Dolphins have the worst sense of hearing among animals. They are able to hear 14 times worse than humans.
  25. Children have more sensitive ears than adults. They can recognize a wider variety of noises.

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