A whole new world 3

Welcome! This is the second edition to the a whole new world series and i hope you enjoy it. Please take the other ones and the weapon in this is the weapon you had last time.

Rules: 1. No off-topic crap 2. be nice to us Shadow: feed me Robin! (i feed him) 3. answer honestly 4. In comments, till all the good things and the bad And finally, have fun!

Created by: Robin

  1. You are in an art museum. When you get to the last painting it looks like a real life forest and you thought you say a group of people, one holding a dog was waving at you. You are allowed to touch it. Do you?
  2. People who did. You felt a gust of air pull you into the painting. You are in front of me, Grim, Shadow, Artemis, and Marsha. Did you scream?
  3. People who didn't and those who did. You are standing in front of Grim, Marsha, Artemis, Shadow, and me. "Welcome back to Fi!" said Marsha. Before we could even shake hands a huge tornado swoops down and sucks me in, dragging me away. " Robin!" You all scream. Will you rescue me?
  4. " The work of the Lord." whispered Grim. " Who?" you ask. " He's fallen in love with her and Athena, the wickest person alive, wants to turn her evil and make her marry the Lord. We must safe her." He puts you on his horse and holds you on if your a girl but if your a boy you get your own. Are you ready to help?
  5. You ride and ride till finally, you set camp. This a girl question so boys skip. You and Grim are alone while Artemis and Marsha is at the stream, far away. " y/n do you remember when i kept staring at you on our last meeting?" You nod. " Do you know why?" he said. You shook your head and notice he was getting closer to you. He was only a inch away from your nose. " Do you love me?"
  6. Boys skip this too. Grim starts kissing you romanticley and you realize he loves you. Do you kiss him back?
  7. The next morning, you continue your journey after being attacked by Justin Beaver. You look at Grim if you are a girl and he looks away if you said no for the last 2 questions. You come to a run down old church and you hear me screaming. " Robin!" yells Grim stepping forward but Artemis pulls him back. "There is a magic force field blocking our entrance and her escape." She lets go and Shadow looks at you. " I'm hungry, and Grim doesn't have any meat on him but you do. Can you feed me?"
  8. He eats the piece of meat you had and you start hearing wedding music. " Great! Now she'll turn evil!" said Marsha. Then something amazing happened: Shadow started chanting a spell. The force fiend becomes visible and burns away. Do you enter the church?
  9. You enter the church and see me about to marry a cloaked man. "Help!" i cry, looking at you but then screaming in pain when the chains around me burn me. Grim runs forward, realizing he really loved me, and kills the Lord. We leave and celebrate and if you loved Grim you forgave him and we were all partying. Who do you hang out with?
  10. Well bye! See you next time! thanks for saving me!

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