A warrior's battle (part 4)

READ PLEASE: ok first off this is a response to angelic4. So yes it is true, I dont have esmeralda spend time with skyler much but haven't you noticed that I have done the same with Felix, Felix was never ment to have a girlfriend at first, and I will make sure that skyler and Esmeralda both spend some time together so thank you for telling me that.

Anyways look for my new quiz series called "my other half" its going to be really cool! You can give me characters for that series as well, also you can give me ideas and te me how I can improve my writing in my quizes. Thank you for taking my quizes. Also I will not end this quiz but it will take a while for the next one to come out so just wait

Created by: xxemogirlxx111

  1. "so where are we going?"you ask"have no idea, towards the forest I guess, if we don't stop walking we can make it before the night ends"says Marth "great..." you say "you can always go back"says Marth "I don't want to" you say
  2. [FAST FORWARD] You've been walking for hours non-stop. It's freezing in the desert. "you're tired"says Marth "ya" you say "I'd rather not stop" says Marth "if we don't stop then my legs are going to fall off!" you say " if we stop then you're going to fall asleep"says Marth "fine then let me pass out and possibly die!"you say "fine then we'll stop"says Marth. You and Marth both sit down on the freezing sand. After a while you fall asleep, after all you were walking all night.
  3. You wake up and see that Marth is carring you bridal style [ ;) ]. "I see you're up"says Marth "um you can put me down now" you say "depends on whether or not you'll fall asleep again"says Marth "I won't!"you say, and Marth puts you down.
  4. "where are we"you say "forest"he says. You look around for a bit, you notice the burned black trees and leaves on the ground. Nothing seems to be alive exept for you and Marth "why would anyone burn this place"you say "the dream fairies lived here"says Marth "I've heard of them, well I read about them, apparently everyone has one"you say "no,only humans have a dream fairy, our kind can only have a dream fairy if you save one's live"says Marth "I knew that"you say "of course you did,but it kind of sucks to be like 3 inches tall you know" "true"you say. "hey Marth aren't you tiered, you haven't slept all day!"you say "I'm fine"says Marth.
  5. Suddenly a dark blue fireball hits a tree that was next to you. "unless you idiots actually want to die I suggest you get off my property!". You look around searching for were that voice came from, Marth simply stands there. "you two are idiots!, this is your last warning!"says the same voice, "anyone can walk by the forest"says Marth
  6. "unless you've been living under a rock, you would know that the king's most trusted advisors own the 5 major regions of the kingdom!"says the voice "the only true king is King Alexander Shinigami!"says Marth "I'd like you to say that to King Eliot, The Shadow King, besides King Alexander is dead and his kids must have run off once they heard!"says the voice "really!"says Marth "enough, I've had enough, so leave this place and next time you come I won't let you leave alive"says the voice
  7. "no, I will not leave, and if you plan to kill me than at least let me see your face!"says Marth "alright then"says the voice. A ta man around 37 but no mare than 40 years old comes from behind a large,dead tree. His hair is black with a bit of grey and his eyes are brown. "I see you don't recognize me nathanal, I always thought you were a trader, my father should have fired you as his advisor!"says Marth
  8. "this changes nothing, don't think I won't kill you just because you're King Alexander's son, you're weak prince,stupid, and gullible, everyone told you to stay away from that girl Robin but you insisted on being with her and in the end you ended up with a broken heart and you're the one to blame for the distruction of the kingdom!" says nathanal
  9. "you're right it's all my fault, I even introduced Alexander to scarlet, get rid of me for good, KILL ME!"says Marth "Wait! What! No! We'll just leave!"you say "you can leave but Marty wishes to die and I have to take orders"says nathanal "MARTH!"you say. Marth only stares at you as a huge ball of blue fire hits him throwing him on the floor "MARTH!" you scream looking at his lifeless body that lays on the floor. "your turn"says nathanal as he throws a fireball at you. You run and try to stop the fire using your powers but you can't use you powers something is blocking them!
  10. Ok so first i want to thank you for taking the quizes don't forget to rate and comment, your comments and feedback help me improve my quizes and get these out faster. ALSO I might take a while with the next on since I have 1project and 2 work packets due in a month, how I hate homework although I don't mind the project that ones fun. ALSO Im going to post another quiz, not today but soon. It's going to be called "my other half". It's going to be a story but the story line is completely different from this one.
  11. Here's a bit of a summary about the story. You're a 13 almost 14 year old girl and are a freshman [meaning it's your first year of highschool] at Jefferson highschool. You've been labeled a loner before but you hope highschool will be different. You're just an average teen girl, or are you?....... Also I will continue theses quizes and you are wellcome to give me characters for my other series as many as you like. You can also give me ideas and stuff. But remember to tell me on how I can improve my writing

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