A Very Wonderful Day! ^_^ (involves ATL & MCR)

This is a wonderful story quiz! But it's kinda weird...oh well we can eat cookies with ATL and MCR, right? It's a free country! (except it's not that free)

Now if you don't wanna eat cookies with MCR and ATL then you either a) have serious mental issues OR b) are deaf and don't know awesome music like I do!

Created by: xXBILLROXXx

  1. It's a school day and it's 3 am. You are drinking your orange juice. Then your doorbell rings and it's MCR!!!!!!!!!! It's extremely awesome cuz everyone awesome knows that MCR is the 2nd best band in all of existence!!!!!!!!!!
  2. You invite MCR in for some cookies and rootbeer and awesomeness but then the phone rings. You pick up the phone and hear a familiar male voice speaking. Then you realize that it's Alex Gaskarth from ATL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Alex asks you what your address is so he can find you and be awesone. And yes, it is the real Alex! Then you hear Jack yelling in the background "I think we're here! It's (your address), right?" "Yup!" Alex shouts back and before you know it, they're at your door too!
  4. You and ATL and MCR are eating cookies and wearing socks and listening to every awesome song ever made! (all by ATL or MCR or maybe BVB, of course) And then tragedy strikes-you are out of peanut butter! JK well actually you are but sadly it's school time!
  5. You realize how awesome this is but then you realize it's already summer break and you don't even have school!!!! So you decide to go to Disney with ATL and MCR!
  6. So somehow you and ATL and MCR magically teleport to Disney and first you eat random bread. And then you help Jack find his mom. And then you ward off extreme fangirls by speaking in French accents! And then you do random stuff! And then Alex dresses up like that weird French dude and tries to impress Dear Maria with those character dudes in costumes. It's really awesome! :)
  7. And then you ride rollercoasters! And then you itch your foot! And then you get bored after like 3 hours so then you teleport to a random place!
  8. And then you decide that you have to marry a band dude so you marry Gerard or Frank or Alex or Jack! (or Ray or Bob or Mikey or Zack or Rian!) And then you live happily ever after and eat pie!
  9. This was a quiz
  10. Now don't you wish MCR or ATL showed up on your doorstep?

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