a story quiz #3

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this is 3rd in the series of unfortanate,tramatic,uneasy,terrifingly fun! STORY QUIZZES! (haha quizzes was a speeling word one time i loved! that!)yep

ARE YOU Jo-anns, wal-mart, or wal-greens(i don't really like wal-greens do you?) please tell me what you thought of the...this quiz! (WTH if i paragraph it it counts as one!?)

Created by: OZZYIOMMI

  1. do you MAKE stuff for the holidays as a gift?
  2. do you buy jewlry,make somthing,or buy stocking stuffers?
  3. do you like to shop in cheap stores?
  4. are you cheap?
  5. which is more scary?
  6. hit by car slit throat or shot?
  7. are you afraid now?
  8. do you like this quiz?
  9. which do you think you are?
  10. which DO YOU goto more?

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