A scream in the dark. ^Part 2^

Kori- 16, Rainbow hair, 5'6", 108 LBs.- Milo- 17, Medium length blueberry blue hair with black streaks. 6", Average weight. Keylee Jones- 16, Blonde hair with strawberry red streaks. 5'4" 108 LBs.

Katherine (Kathy) Jones- 16, Brown hair with blue streaks. 5'5", 110 LBs. Ugh I HATE THIS PARAGRAPH die die die Dx die die please die paragraph 2 die die

Created by: Xx 3mo_Star xX

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  1. Welcome back. x3
  2. "Kathy! Wait!" Kori yelled as she started to follow Kathy but Key stopped her. "Kori, let her cool off. She was just really mad at him." She said as I started to follow her. "Lets just go to Mr. and Mrs. GoodWill's house and chill." Key said as she started leading me to the GoodWill's house. "Oh my god! I haven't seen them forever, Key!" Kori exclaimed as she started running to their house. "Hey! Kori! Wait for me!" Key yelled as Kori ran and ran...
  3. But she ended up running right smack into someone. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry." Kori said as if she had just punched someone in the face. "No worries." A low husky voice said as he slyly handed her his hand to help her up. "I'm Milo BlueGrass, whats your name?" He asked her. "Kori WeatherField." Kori told him as she dusted the sand off her clothes. "Awesome name!" Milo said. "Thanks, yours too." Kori said as she had dusted the last bit of sand off her sundress.
  4. "Not to be stalkerish, but where are you going?" Milo asked. "To Mr. and Mrs. GoodWill's hou-" Milo cut her off, "Oh my god!!! I was just going there, wanna walk with me, Kori?" Milo said getting overly excited. "Sure, but my Best friend is coming too, if you don't mind." Kori said as she scanned the beach grass field behind her. "Kori! Kori! Jesus, I thought you left me." Key said as she gasped for breath from running so far.
  5. "Uh..Key this is Milo, Milo this is my BFF, Key." Kori said. "Nice to meet you, Key." Milo said as he extended his hand out, and Key shook his hand. Just then Key's cellphone rang. "Hang on, I gotta take this." She said as she took out her cell and answered. "Hello?" Key asked into the Cellphone and started walking towards the GoodWill's direction. Both me and Milo shrugged and both started following her. Kori learned a lot about him.
  6. "Yeah..Me and Kori and this dude named Milo are headed down to Mr. and Mrs. GoodWill's house. Okai. Meet you there, Love ya. Bye." Key said as she hung up the phone. "Kori, you remember Blake Scott, right?" Key asked Kori. "Oh yeah, that new kid in 8th Grade?" Kori asked. "Yeah, well, he asked me out and we started dating." Key said as she grinned. "Oh my god!!!!!!!! Coolness!" Kori exclaimed as she jumped up and down.
  7. "I know right?" Key said, "Yeah..." Kori said as she shrugged back to where Milo was. "Sooo.. Kori do you want to maybe go eat lunch or something?" Milo asked as his eyes wandered into the sky and he started whistling. "Uh..Sure," Kori said. "How 'bout I come pick you up at..5?" He asked. "Sure," Kori said as a grin was coming on her face.
  8. Then Milo started running towards the GoodWills house. "Gonna beat you there!" He yelled as sand was kicking up in the air. "Oh you little nub!" Kori yelled as she darted off after him. She ended up passing him and beating him, "I let you win." He said as he winked. Kori rolled her eyes.."Sure," and punched him softly.
  9. He grinned, and they both walked into the house. "Hey! Kori, Milo is that you?!" "Yes!!" Kori and Milo both answered at the same time. They both blushed, and Mrs. GoodWill walked over as fast as she could to hug them both. "God! You children grow so fast!!" She exclaimed.
  10. "Yeah, summers have a big effect on us," Milo said. "So, Uh..Wheres Mr. GoodWill?" Kori asked. "Well. He had a run in with a small heart attack.." All the blood ran out of Kori's face as she exclaimed "Is he gonna be alright!?!?!?!?!" She yelled. "Calm down, Kori! Hes fine, just.. he's still in the hospital..." Mrs. GoodWill said. "Well we have to go see him!"...
  11. CLIFFHANGER!! :D Part 3 will come out soon.

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