A Real Horse Owner

There are many horse owners, But a few are only the real kind and loveable owners.We hope you are one of them and that you stay kind,loveable and well manned to your horses.

Are YOU a REAL HORSE OWNER? Do you have the knowlege to be a horse owner? But thanks to this wonderful Quiz,in just a few seconds you'll find out!!!!."

Created by: Georgie

  1. How much food do you give your horse?
  2. How long do you ride your horse?
  3. How long do you have your horse out in the pasture?
  4. Do you put a winter rug on your horse?
  5. How often do you feed your horse?
  6. How old are horses when you should retire them?
  7. If a horse has a dipped back what does it mean?
  8. How often do you shoe your horse?
  9. How often do you clean your horses hooves?
  10. Do you smack your horse when it is naughty?

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