A Random Story...

Well this is technically some random stories for you. I get to sorta know you! You also get to read probably very long short stories BY Yours truly ME!!!

Well this is technically some random stories for you. I get to sorta know you! You also get to read probably very long short stories BY Yours truly ME!!! ENJOY!

Created by: KKWarriorz

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  1. Holding your breath you look down over the rigid boulders,and all the way down to the calm ocean waters. Glancing over at your friend who's urging you to jump as your hearts wildly saying no. "If you don't go i'll push you!" She says annoyed... you have been standing there for about 5 minutes looking at the fall. She mumbles under her breath, "Okay, times up!" Your heart pounds faster the closer she gets... Shaking your head you turn to face her, step to the edge of the cliff, and mimic a trust fall knowing nobody would catch you. The wind picks up quickly the fall is so fast that the impact to the water almost hurt. As you land in the salty ocean water floods your mouth. Quickly you swim to the surface and spit out the water. Bleh...
  2. Story 2: Oh. My. Gosh. You stare without blinking at the most embarrassing picture in history. Ah poor Trinity you sigh watching her run off in tears. Watching all the girls giggle at the picture made you sick. I should probably help her, but as you get up Ashley glances at you and says "Hey _______, where are you going?" All you do is roll your eyes and mumble "Anywhere to be away from this." The warm cafeteria temperature disappeared as you pushed the door open. Cold, snowy bitterness filled the air. Stupidly looking back at girls you see them all glaring at you... Wow tough crowd. You start walking down to an outside table covered in partly melted snow. A girl with black,long,curly hair -which covered her face- looked up at you. Her eyes were bloodshot and filled with tears, But her soft hazel eyes made you feel worse. So you sit next to Trinity trying your best to comfort her.
  3. Realizing i just wrote probably very VERY long -supposed to be short- stories. BREAK TIME =O YEA so umm. Enjoy this... *Gives you a laptop* Nods and walks away
  4. Ugh i need to fill 12 questions. In the mean time -break time- I wanna get to know you! :) So let's start off with the basics... What's your favorite color?
  5. Cool :) Well lets speak magical for a moment. Like Super Powers!!!! Sooo.... Which one?
  6. Ahah well it was nice getting to sorta know you :)
  7. Well What kind of story...?
  8. (If you picked Horror, If not click "...")The night gets darker, darker than pitch black. Your sitting and staring out your window lost in deep thought. Stashing some stupid piece of paper away under your pillow. As you look back a your staring face to face with a man... well with glass in the middle. Letting out a little scream you can't help but notice that his eyes are white -but his pale, pale skin was whiter- and wide. But his mouth scared you the most it was all the way up to his temples, no it was cut up so his temples. You looked at him in horror running out of the room. He seemed to get closer the farther you ran. But finally you were panting in your living room, glancing back at your room you see a figure down the hallway. Impossible. You're home alone, h-he couldn't have gotten in. But a pain in your chest distracts you from the shadowy figure coming towards you. Looking down a knife a...a huge knife was plunged into you. Screaming loud you look up, the man is in front of you. Smiling -even though you weren't sure if he just sort of had too- he grabbed the knife from your stomach and whispered "Go to sleep." Then stabbing the knife into your chest. Then your eyes open quickly... Your tangled up in your sheets, sweating like crazy. "Ugh. Jeff the Killer you stay out of my dreams!"
  9. (IF YOU PICKED ROMANCE. IF NOT PICK "...") Glancing up at him you couldn't help but roll your eyes. How do i even stand him everyday, You think disgusted. He started spinning a coin and played truth or dare with his friends. The coin kept getting close to you and the laughing started to annoy you. The coin spun right in front of you, then giving him the evil eye you stop the coin. But not before him, his hand slapped the table -and the coin- and your hand hit his. Grossed out you start to pull back but not without looking into his eyes. Your heart skips a beat and you blush, pulling your hand back. He looks at you for a second then starts to play again. You sat there for the next 30 minutes staring at your book trying to finish homework early. But all you could think about was HIM, the one that's always annoying you and bugging you about homework. You couldn't POSSIBLY have fallen for... HIM. Yet every single time you passed him or sat next to him your face turns as red as a tomato! A week later he walked up to you and whispered "Whatever I ask you just say no to it." Before you would've walked away in his presence but now you just roll your eyes and nod. Then the words you'd never expect him to say come out of his mouth. He held one hand up to his mouth and stared you in the eyes slowly shaking his head. He slowly removes his hand from his mouth and slowly says "Will you be my gir-girlfriend..." Staring at him dumbfounded you almost say yes. But his eyes are begging you to say no. Looking away you rudely say "I would never be YOUR girlfriend!" But sigh as he walks away in relief. "...Because you'd never give me the chance." You mumble to yourself.
  10. (COMEDY TIME! YOU DIDNT CHOOSE COMEDY? PICK "...") "Ah the last day of school... so reliving." You say with a smile to your friend,as a piece of steak flies past your face. Some mashed potatoes land on your plate "THANK YOU SARA!!!" You yell. She smiles then gets slammed with a pie!Oooh that must have hurt. "What's going on...?" Your Freshman friend asks. Laughing you mess up there hair and yell: "Well the annual food fight of course, every year just for the seniors!" The cafeteria filled with a familiar smell. "HOLD YOUR FOOD PEOPLE!" A piece of pizza was thrown before it all stopped. OH. MY. GOSH. You stare at a perfect stack of pancakes on the table on the other side of the room. You quickly run over to it with a giant fork. "Proceed." You say politely. Then food was thrown every where as timed slowed down. You almost ate your 1st bite as a football was thrown and hit your pancakes and your fork. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"You scream looking up to the sky as you fall to your knees. "Who THREW THAT FOOTBALL?!" you shouted looking at the football team. "I did..." You see a dark figure come out from the crowd. As you start to see the figures face you realize that ITS THE TROLL! ... literally you see a troll face and start throwing dead pancakes at them. While of course you scream at them like a retarded ninja.
  11. (FINALLY MYSTERY... You know what to do.) The blank faces filled your walls. How could you not solve this... THIS ONE CRIME! You drown into your chair. The wall was covered is months of work. Could the murderer have left undetected... or killed themselves? Ugh impossible, all the suspects weren't at all related and didn't even know each other. Holding up the pictures from the crime you notice nothing suspicious. Yet you feel like you could have figured this out the first day. Hmph well who were my suspects... you think to yourself. Counting them on your fingers you realize a few of them were considered not guilty. Sighing you cant solve this, they completely covered their tracks. "Here goes nothing..." you say playing on luck. Taking every single picture of the suspects and throwing it of the floor. A few suspects pictures slide on top of each other. Rolling your eyes in hope you look at it. William L.,Jessie L., and Andy L. Hmph the same last letter. You then check their names and see Lucidocks, Lucidocks,Lucidocks... They worked together didnt they. Then you think again, No William died in a car crash months before. But it did seem strange that the Lucidocks were even suspects. Investigation time.
  12. BAI!!! ADIOS!!! C-YA!!! BONJOUR!!! PEACE!!! okay bye.

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