my story p2(the outsiders)

There are many wonderful stories. This story is based off the movie and book called The Outsiders. But this one has a twist. Johnny's little sister, Baby.

Hopefully, you read the first paragraph because this one is gonna be random. I love One Direction, Justin Bieber, and all those other awesome celebrities.

Created by: kiarra

  1. Ch. 2 Dally, Johnny, Ponyboy, and I are going to one of the drive in movies. It's the one where all the Socs go to. Dally, of course was trying to flirt with the one girl in front of us. "Are you a real redhead?" Dally asked "How do I know that that's the same red hair on your ummm eyebrows?" After ten minutes of Dally trying to flirt with the girl, she got pissed. "Get lost hood!!" She snapped. I guess she's a Soc then.
  2. "Sorry. I didn't know you had a problem yelling in my face. Fine, I'll go. I can tell I'm not wanted." Dally said as he left. "Are you gonna start in on us too?" The girl asked me, Ponyboy, and Johnny. "No." We all said shaking our heads. "Ya'll don't look like the type anyways." She said smiling. "What's your names?" She asked us. "I'm Ponyboy, this is Johnny, and that's his sister Baby." Ponyboy said. "Well those names are original. My name's Cheryl but people call me Cherry because of my hair." She said.
  3. Dally came back with sodas. "I brought you a soda to cool you off." Dally said giving a soda to Cherry. "Cool off? I'll cool off once you learn how to talk to a lady." Cherry yelled, throwing the soda on him. "Come on Dally, leave her alone." Johnny said. "What? What did you say to me you little s---?" Dally said. "Come on Dally. You heard me. Leave her alone." Johnny repeated. Dally got mad and left. "That was really brave." Cherry said. "Don't nobody talk to Dally like that." Johnny said quietly.
  4. "Come up here and sit with us." Cherry's friend, Margie said. "Might as well." Ponyboy said, shrugging his shoulders. "How old are ya'll anyways?" Cherry asked. "Thirteen, fourteen, and sixteen." We said. "Oh. I thought you were all fourteen." Margie said. Two Bit made an entrance by scaring all of us. I think he likes Margie. "Where's Dally?" Two bit asked. "Yea. Where is old Dally anyways?" A Soc asked. "We haven't seen him. Have you guys?" Pony asked us. We shook our heads. "Because I know he slashed my tires." The Soc replied. "None of us have seen him." Ponyboy said. The Soc left. "Dally got a knife?" Two bit asked. " No." I said. "Good deal."
  5. Cliffhanger
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  8. Justin bieber
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