A random shout Out!!!

So yeah this is so random hence the name "A RANDOM SHoUT OUT!!"... I never really thought of making a "shout out" cos I'm not really close to anyone on here ... And you want to know another random thing? "Blueberry juice!" (-_-)

The following names are of people who I talk to and some of the names that I just love ... Some of you guys have pretty cool names ... But time for another random thing just so my One hundred and fifty characters can be enough ... "Super Saiyan!!!"

Created by: TayuyaTerra

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  1. Jeeshan (^v^)
  2. Puppetmaster12(^v^)
  3. Maccooo(^v^)
  4. NitroTails12(^v^)
  5. d_h(^v^)
  6. Stardust1(^v^)
  7. RainInTheShadows(^v^)
  8. Swaggranger(^v^)
  9. maham fatima(^v^)
  10. ello(^v^)
  11. BrOwnieBunny(^v^)
  12. TheLoveOfBands(^v^)

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