A quiz about moi!!!!

I'm a person who is willing to get to know anyone and if you haven't taken the chance to get to know me i am sorry!!! I like mostly everyone and if i dont like you then i will tell you unless of course you are a girl cause hey we can be b----es sometimes!!

So all i have to say is how well do you know me and if it isnt very well then i think that you should give it a chance im actually a very friendly person.

Created by: Staci
  1. What is my full name?
  2. What is My favorite Animal?
  3. What is my favorite season?
  4. What is my favorite color?
  5. What is my biggest dream ever?
  6. Who is my favorite singer/band?
  7. What is my favorite type of vehicle?
  8. When is my birthday?
  9. What is my favorite number?
  10. What am i going to be when i get older?
  11. How well do you think that you have done on my wonderfully made quiz??? this wont count against you

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