A One Direction Love Story ~Part 2~

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This is a one direction story and you will love it if you love one direction. For all Directioners!For all directioners and for all directioners! For all directioners!

For one directioners! This is a one direction story and you will love it if you love one direction. For all Directioners!For all directioners and for all directioners! For all directioners!

Created by: _Magic

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  1. RECAP: You have to move to the U.K. and your best friend Maddie moves with you. But she leaves to go visit her friend in U.K. for a little while. You are fixing breakfast when you here a knock at the door….
  2. You hear a knock at the door and a knock over and over again getting faster and louder each time. “Geez, relax I’m coming”, you say annoyed. You start to open the door when you get knocked out by the door hitting you. You are out cold.
  3. You hear whispering. “Liam, why’d you hit her with the door?” “I didn’t mean to”. “Well you knocked her out”. “Guys shut up, she’s waking up!”. Your head hurts and you open your eyes and see One Direction in your bedroom! “Am I dead?”, you say. Liam laughs, puts his hand on your shoulder and says, “No, you just were unconscious from…um..something…”. Harry hits Liam, and looks at you, “Liam hit you with the door”. “Hey I didn’t mean to!”, Liam glares at Harry.
  4. . Louis and Niall both say, “ Okay guys let give her some space, she looks a little white. Zayn blushes a little and laughs. You almost start hyperlating and think “Oh my god! One Direction is in my bedroom/house talking to me and Liam put his hand on me!”.
  5. You take a deep breath and get up slowly sitting on your bed. Liam and Harry sit next to you and Niall, Louis, and Zayn sit on the end of your bed facing you. You manage to speak, “So, one question…why are you in my house, not that I don’t like It”. You smile and then Niall says “We were getting chase by screaming girls and Liam thought it would be smart to find a house and hide”. Louis interrupts and says, “So…we saw the closest house and it was yours”. “Oh…okay”, you smile.
  6. “Oh crap”, you jump up and run to the kitchen. The boys followed quickly behind you. The kitchen is a mess, the floor is soaked, the stove is burned and it looks horrible. You freak out, “ Oh my god! My mom is going to murder me!”. Zayn grins, “Maybe not”. The rest all catch on, and Harry says,
  7. “We can help you clean up and replace everything”. You looked shocked. “But this wasn’t your fault, it’s my mess and you don’t even know me”, you tell them. Harry flirty says, “Well, it kind of was our fault and we sure want to get to know a girl as pretty as you”. They all moan annoyed by Harry and you laugh a little. They helped clean up the kitchen and it’s eight at night.
  8. “Oh crap, my mom is almost off work”, you look at the boys. Louis grab the house phone and calls your mom “Hello, This is your boss and we need you to work late tonight. I’m so sorry for the situation but we need you to work until 5am”, Louis says in a boss voice. All the boys smile and you laugh. “Wow Louis I didn’t know you had talent”, I say sarcastically.
  9. Everyone laughs and you ask them, “Hey guys, you want to watch a movie”? They smile and say “Sure”! You smile and put in The Hunger Games. You went to go sit down and Harry and Liam sat next you on one couch and Louis, Niall, and Zayn sat on the other couch rolling their eyes. The guys end up falling asleep. You can’t help but smile you sneak up stairs and call Maddie.
  10. “Hey Maddie!”, you say excitedly. She laughs, “Hey, why you so happy?”. “You won’t believe me but One Direction is at our house!”, you said happily. “Oh my god! Seriously” , she says excitedly shocked. She says, “Okay, well I was coming home tomorrow anyways so yay!”. “I got to go, Bye Maddie”, you hang up the phone. You turned around to go back downstairs when Liam is standing right there. You jump and almost have a heart attack.
  11. “Liam! You almost killed me there!”, you say trying to catch your breath. He looks at you not saying a word. “What”, you say worried. “Who were you talking to”, he asks calmly. “Um..no one”, you back up. He smiles and looks straight into your eyes, “Don’t worry, the others are sleeping and I won’t care if you told anyone”. You smile looking into his eyes and says, “I was talking to my best friend Maddie because she was supposed to come home tomorrow and I had to tell her”.
  12. He smiles and moves you hair out of your face. “I got to admit something, I really like you and have never felt like this before around a girl”. You blush and he leans in and kisses you. You kiss him back and you look out of the corner of your eye and see someone. You can’t tell who it is until Liam yells out…
  13. Sorry but so I’m stopping and the next one should be out soon.
  14. Who is your favorite One Direction Member?
  15. Comment and say who your favorite is so I make sure you like my stories.

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