A m I too fat or am I normal

Have you ever felt bigger. Ever been winded by eassy thinggs do you think you are fat. do you like you wight. Make sure to be honest or the quiz will not work,

Take this quiz to know if you are fat. If so now big deal right. Well only if you are too fat. If you think you are fat take my quiz. have fun and answer honestly

Created by: AW

  1. How long can you walk with out getting winded
  2. What happens after you walk up one flight of stiars
  3. Do you have trouble; breathing
  4. Can you see yor feet
  5. Stand up now walk 300 fet what happens
  6. Ho much do you weigh
  7. Run for 1 minut what happened
  8. How big is your belly
  9. How many meals do yo eat
  10. sit down what do you see
  11. Can you turn your head
  12. How many chins do yo have
  13. Do you have good amounts of energy
  14. When you walk - waddell dose your belly jiggle
  15. what size shirt do you wear
  16. What is your waist size
  17. Dose your belly go over you waist band
  18. How many fat rolls do you have
  19. Now try to touch your feet bending down

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