About Rene Descartes

Are you ready to have fun with this quiz? Well, I hope so because I worked on it forever. I couldn't really think of questions to ask, so I just did quick and easy ones. I hope they weren't too easy though, but I did try to make it educational.

Are YOU an expert on Descartes? Until now you could only wonder. In just a few minutes you will find out! So hope you are an expert!! Would you consider yourself as smart? Well, you will see coming up if you really truly are.

Created by: rene

  1. Wher was rene born?
  2. What is his most famous work?
  3. What year was rene born?
  4. What year did rene die?
  5. What did he make great conributions to?
  6. What did european scholor believe knowledge began with?
  7. What language did rene speak?
  8. What does scientific method mean?
  9. Who was another philosopher around rene's time?
  10. What subject is rene descartes in?

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