A lion's pride part 2

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you have grown into a young adolescent male and you fight your brother Saru to be king. Uru approves of you and you two marry. You're going to become a mentor to your sister a role model as your mother decided.

when your little sister arrives Sarabi your mother becomes protective and even drives you away from her as she did to Saru when you were very young. you feel that she doesn't want you but you remember when her first daughter died.

Created by: Lillian

  1. you're older now but your mother has gone back to the den to raise your new sister. you think she likes her more than you...
  2. you bring some bedding into the den and you decide to take a look at Kiara your new sister.when you approach your mother growls a warning you say...
  3. Kiara mews and sees you but your mother stands up and blocks you as she licks her daughter.'Can I introduce her to the pride?' you ask 'No she's just a young cub' then she signals you to leave and you walk away you say before you leave..
  4. whatever you said a week passes and your mother finally brings Kiara outside. Zemba and Kira are the first to see it then you and your brothers. 'You three will be her role models since one of you will be the next king' she turns to you 'I know you will have to leave this pride soon but you still can become king' she meant you you say
  5. 'all lions assemble at the pride rock' you're father calls'It is time for my sons Taully and Saru to leave or fight to be king' Edman announces.'I will leave' said Taully dipping his head then you look at your brother Saru he snarls and vs your father.you think..
  6. 'wait I want to fight' you hiss and square up to your brother.'alright your on' then you take three steps back before leaping into the air and wrestle with your brother. Saru pushes you off so you think of your next move..
  7. whatever you chose it works and you win.you look at your mother and Kiara sitting interested beside her.
  8. whatever you chose your father makes you king and your brothers leave the pride.you roar fearwell and they roar back.
  9. you stand at the top of the rock and roar your family bows and Uru stands next to you purring.
  10. ok that's it but the stories not over

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