A Hunger Games Story. Part 2

So this is the second part of A Hunger games. If you haven't read the first part,then please do. It will make me happy. Please comment and Rate. I love comments.

Im sorry it took me so long to write this part. I promise I'll be quicker next time. I hope you like this part,even though theres not action in it. Indigo will probaly go in the games in part 4 or 5.

Created by: graceface

  1. Your whole body is numb in shock as you get esscorted to the justice building, where you' ll get to your family and friends possibly for the last time. You want to cry, have a total mental break down,maybe throw a few things,maybe throw a few things at Nik...But you know you cant do that you have to stay strong, for everyone else. You havent got to talk to Nik yet and its killing you because you know that only one person comes out of the games. And you know you would already die inside if Nik died trying to save you. You make a vow to yourself not to let Nik die for you, if district 4 is going to have a victor its going to be him.
  2. Alot of people come to vistit you,and all the vistits are basicly the same,well all except one... Clint is the last person to come. And he runs in and idmetiatily hugs you,hold you tight as if your going to disapear. You hear him sniffling. "Clint, are you crying?!?" Out of all of the times you've known Clint you've never seen him cry, not even when his older brother died. "Yeah.. im sorry i came here to confort you, and im the one crying. I just lov.....like you so much, If anything happens to you I'll just die" And then Clint stops crying and you start. " Clint holds you in his arms as your shaking and crying and you dont ever want to leave. When the peacekeepers come they have to literealy pull you off of him. He gives you kiss on the cheek. "You can win. You have to, Your going to you. " he says.
  3. Your escorted to the train and your suprised on how nice it is. Its huge,way bigger than your home and decorated with such amazing,beautiful,and cofortable furinture. "I could get used to this,maybe winning wouldnt be such a bad thing" you think to yourself. Until you meet your mentors,past people from your district who won. All of them looked abused. Some turned to acohol or another addiction,others look like they ' ve just given up on life,others turned to insanity...Like Anne Cresta or are just like a slave to the capitol like Finnick Odair. Then you start to wonder "what's better dieing your self or living a very unhappy life?"
  4. TIME FORWARD : Your at the training center with Nik, the buliding where you you can brush up your skills and learn new ones. You and Nik go to all the useful stations that teach you have to survive in any enviroment,not the stations that teach you how to fight.You are still determined to do every thing you can to make sure Nik is the victor. Not many people know this but you have an amazing aim. You want to go over to the throwing knife station but you know you can't. You don't want people to notice you,you want to blend in. Its either blending in or being a target. Suddenly you feel someones eyes on you. You turn around and see a boy...and a quite attractive one at that.
  5. You watched a video of all the reapings,and you recognized as from disrict 12. The mineing district and one of the poorer districts. You can't remember his name,but thats probaly a good thing. There are 24 of us and only of us coming out alive. No need to get attached to the other tributes. You look at him and you cant help but feel bad for him,he looks like he had a hard life. He is bone skinny,too skinny. He has numerous fist size bruises going from his arms to cheek. He has a large scar from his ankle going up to his thigh. "What happened!?" You want to yell and you want to go over and confort him. But you know you cant. "Cant get too attached" You repeat to yourself.Even though he has many injuries he still is very attaractive. He has bright green eyes,that you could just stare at all day. He has dark brown,almost black hair that curls alittle at the ends.He notices you looking back him. You make eye contact and he smiles at you, a warm inviting smile. And your heart starts beating faster. "He has a really cute smile...Wait. Cant. Get. Attached." You think to your self as you start walking to Nik.
  6. You forgiven Nik for being stupid and volunteering for you. He's was just being over protected...as usual. But he doesnt know that he's the one who's going to be protect. Thats your goal in life now,to get Nik home safely. You see Nik chatting it up with a blond girl from district 2 She's from a career district and probaly trained all her life for the hunger games,and probaly knows many ways to kill you."Why is he talking to her?" You think you walk over their and glare at her,she stands up and she's taller by a few inches but that doesnt scare you.She returns the glare with her blue decieving eyes,they remind you of snake eyes,sneaky and untrustworthy.Then she stomps away "Uh why were you talking to that freak?" You ask Nik "Dont call Camilia a freak,and you better get used to her because she's going to be our allie in the games" He repies in a bitter tone. "What!? An allie is supossed to be someone you can trust,someone you can trust your life with, i dont even trust her with my food" you exclaim. "Well I trust her." Nik says. "So, its not all about you,we are a team. If you haven't noticed we are both going into the games. I should get a say,its my life at risk too." You yell as the other tributes are watching. "What happened to blending in?" You ask yourself. "Fine,you know what,let her be our allie.See if i care when she,backstabs both of us!!" You whisper and stomp away.
  7. Today is the day were your sort of introduced to the capitiol and the other districts. You have to get dressed up in a big extensive outfit based on your district and ride around in a charoit. Like this is some big celebration,like its a prarade. Uh hello why are we celebrating watching 23 teenagers die,that just sick,but thats the capitiol for ya.Anyways you meet you stylist. She Introduces her self as Raelyn. She has long brown hair with bright neon streaks in it. She's pretty cool as capitiol people go. She doesnt wear as much make-up,or have as many piercings,or tatoos as everyone else in the capitiol.Allthough she did have a tatoo of a Z on her chest.You think she's cool until you see the outfit she's making you wear.It's a long tight dress that goes to your feet and sticks out that makes you look like a fish. Really thats the purpose of this dress you look like a fish.But the worst part is she make you wear this hat with a tall plastic flamingo on it with a fish in it's mouth. "District 4 is going to laugh so hard when they see me" you tell Raelyn trying to insult her,but she just giggles and goes off with her boyfriend,who's Nik's Stylist.
  8. You go out and see the other tributes as your about to on the tribute feeling like an idiot. But no really looks good. Not even our Allie, Miss.Camilia Snake eyes, she just looks kinda...slutty. You see Nik looking at her alittle to long. "God!" You say as you nudge him. "This is no time for flirting." You tell Nik in a tone of fake annoyance. "Tell that to district 12" He mocks.You look and see the boy from 12 looking at you and giving you a shy smile.No one could tell from all the makeup you had on but your cheeks were turning red. "He's probaly never seen a real fish before." You joke. You can only look out for one person in the games and thats going to be Nik. Cant get attached."If only Nik could go by that same rule" You think as you step on to the chariot. And your nervous but you cant show it. "Dont show any of your real emtions to the capitiol,they don't deserve to know that. Just show them what they want to see. Pretend you just love all of this even though i know your going to hate it" Your favorite mentor Finnick told you that earlier. And you follow that advice Fake smilng,Fake Exciting waving,Fake air kisses,Fake.Fake.Fake. it seems to go on forever. Who knew being fake was so tiering. "This is why i couldnt win,I couldnt live like this" you think to yourself before you fall asleep.
  9. Thats the end of part 2.I hope you liked it.
  10. Are you gonna comment?

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